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Mindful Movers

Moving body, mind, and spirit


Mindful Movers is a program designed to help youth and adults leave their busy day behind, de-clutter their minds, and breathe with ease. 
    Mindful Movers will learn:
  • Basic elements of yoga
  • Stress coping mechanisms
  • Mindful meditation & thinking strategies
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Calming breathing techniques
  • Targeted stretches to release muscle tension
My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement that these youth are learning life-long tools through Mindful Movers.

Arlene McLean - Mindful Movers Creator and Teacher

Arlene is a certified RYT-200 Hour Teacher and has completed training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

She is also a Mindful Schools Trained Educator-300 hour

Mindfulness Tip For All

  • Your breath is always with you.

  • It is the most convenient and most accessible tool.

  • Time your breathing for 1 minute.

  • Count each inhale and each exhale as 1.

  • Keep a mental note of how many breaths you took in that minute.

  • The next time you are feeling stressed, or overwhelmed take 1 minute to breathe. 

  • Breath that number of inhales and exhales and notice how you feel after just 1 minute of focusing on your breath.


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Arlene McLean


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